Promising Plett Teen Secures Rondebosch Rugby Bursary

Promising Plett Teen

Celebrations are in order for Bulelani Mbala, a young individual hailing from Plettenberg Bay.

His journey has led him from Qolweni in the Bitou Region, to the esteemed corridors of Rondebosch Boys’ High School, all thanks to an expansive rugby bursary that has made this transition possible.

Referred to as the “gentle beast,” Bulelani Mbala, a 16-year-old rugby prodigy, is seamlessly integrating into life at Rondebosch Boys’ High School, reveling in the camaraderie shared among his fellow students.

Bulelani feels this bursary is an undeniable blessing and serves as affirmation of his coach’s belief that relentless diligence yields fruitful results. 

He is now more than prepared to embrace this opportunity wholeheartedly, and is resolute in his desire to be an inspiration, especially for young minds emerging from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He ardently encourages them to chase their aspirations with unwavering resolve, regardless of their circumstances.

Stepping into uncharted territory, Bulelani shared, that every day in this new phase feels like the beginning of an exciting chapter.

While his commitment to academic excellence takes precedence, Bulelani is steadfast in his pursuit of his ultimate aspiration: donning the national rugby jersey. The journey commenced with Deon Christians, his former coach at the Hot Steppers Rugby Club, who was quick to recognize Bulelani’s exceptional talent, alongside his son Romano.

“Upon my initial encounter with Bulelani, I was convinced he was beyond his years in terms of skill,” recalled Christians. “Once I learned his actual age, there was no hesitation in enlisting him for our community team.”

As Bulelani’s remarkable prowess on the field came to light, Christians wasted no time advocating for his potential within the purview of sponsors and scouts.

“It was only a matter of time before his breakthrough moment arrived,” Christians emphasized.

“He showcased his skills in the South Western Districts under-15 Qhawe week in Johannesburg, leaving an indelible mark on all who witnessed his performance. Captured videos covering his matches were shared with recruiters.

Ben Ruiters from the Kouga Rugby Academy sought out his academic records and subsequently established contact with Rondebosch Boys’ High School.

Enthralled by his impressive academic standing, the school made the life-altering choice to extend an extraordinary opportunity to Bulelani, inviting him to become part of their esteemed institution.

This heartening expedition from the rugby fields of Plettenberg Bay to the prestigious halls of Rondebosch Boys’ High serves as an embodiment of unwavering dedication, mentorship, and the latent potential that can be ignited through opportunity.