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Advert cost per issue/per week online.

Classifieds30 words R50
Footer Banner16 x 6cm / 765 x 170pxR300
Header Banner16 x 8cm / 765 x 227pxR400
Square small4 x 4cm / 113 x 113pxR100
Square medium5.5 x 5.5cm / 156 x 227pxR150
Square large7 x 7cm / 198 x 198pxR200
Rectangle small4 x 6cm / 113 x 170pxR150
Rectangle medium5.5 x 8cm / 156 x 255pxR200
Rectangle large7 x 12cm / 198 x 340pxR250
Half Page16 x 11cm / 454 x 312pxR500
Full Page16 x 22cm / 454 x 624pxR900
Double Spread2 pgs 16 x 22cmR1 600
Deluxe Double Spread 4 pgs 16 x 22cmR3 000

Monthly Packages

Your online advert will be showcased for the duration of 4 weeks.

Footer Banner16 x 6cm / 765 x 170pxR1 120
Header Banner16 x 8cm / 765 x 227px R1 520
Square small4 x 4cm / 85 x 85pxR360
Square medium5.5 x 5.5cm / 170 x 170pxR560
Square large7 x 7cm / 255 x 255pxR760
Rectangle small4 x 6cm / 397 x 170pxR560
Rectangle medium5.5 x 8cm / 397 x 170pxR760
Rectangle large7 x 10cm / 765 x 369pxR960
Half Page16 x 11cm / 765 x 567pxR1 840
Full Page16 x 22cm / 765 x 1134pxR3 480
Double Spread2 pgs – 16 x 22cmR6 160
Deluxe Double Spread4 pgs – 16 x 22cmR11 520
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Online Avertising

Letters to the editorNo linkfree
Lifestyle ArticleNo linkfree
 LinkR0.50 per word
Local NewsNo linkfree
AdvertorialsNo linkR1.00 per word; per issue
 LinkR1.50 per word; per issue
 OnlineR1.00 per word; per month
Local EventsPosterfree
 articleR0.50 per word
 featuredR1.00 per word

Advert Link out to Website/Social

Your advert can link/s out to your website, social page or email address.

Flipbook Advert LinkAdvert cost + R35 per issue
Advertisement HubLinkAdvert cost + R35 per week
Classified LinkAdvert cost + R25 per issue
Full Package: LinksAdvert cost + R50 per week & issue
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