You'll enjoy a whole bunch of awesome advertising benefits by partnering with us!

Advertising on our media network platform is a total game-changer for businesses and brands aiming to connect with a larger audience and supercharge their marketing efforts.

  • The newsletter (pdf) is showcased in an easy-to-operate flipbook style.
  • The pdf can be downloaded and saved in a folder on the subscriber’s computer or printed on the spot.
  • The downloaded pdf gives access to URL links on the newspaper. Now the reader can explore more media, and access websites, social media platforms, and information easily online.
  • Businesses can link out to their websites via their adverts, advertorials, or classifieds for a minimal extra charge.
  • Ads are showcased online via categories relevant to their industries, making it easier for users to search for information easily.
  • Articles, news, and advertorials are showcased under relevant industry-related categories.
  • The newsletter is mobile responsive ensuring a great-looking publication regardless of which device is being used to view it.
  • A monthly newsletter is sent out to our subscribers covering the top stories of the month.
  • Your social media sharing blues are taken care of.


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Extra added advertising benefit:

  • Bitou Scape targets the tourism, national, and community market. We achieve this by sharing our website, weekly newspaper, and monthly newsletters via our social media platforms, community groups, and relevant partners.
  • Bitou Scape is a word-of-mouth tool where subscribers can share the newspaper with friends, family, and colleagues, or straight onto their social media profiles and pages.
  • Bitou Scape encourages the welfare of our planet by showcasing your business or product without the loss of trees and unnecessary litter.
  • Last but not least, online is where it’s at!